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How Medical Marijuana Can Improve Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Marijuana Leaf Close Up For cancer patients, medical marijuana can provide much-needed relief from the pain, nausea, and loss of appetite that often accompany both the disease and its remedies.

Few people have looked forward to the rollout of medical marijuana in Ohio as much as cancer patients and with good reason. According to the Ohio Department of Health, approximately 70,000 Ohioans receive new cancer diagnoses each year. In addition to cancer itself, patients also battle the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation administered to treat many forms of cancer. For cancer patients, medical marijuana (also called medical cannabis) can provide relief from the pain, nausea, and loss of appetite they experience, helping to improve their quality of life and to increase their strength for fighting the disease.

How Medical Cannabis Works

Medical marijuana works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of cannabinoid proteins and receptors located through the body. The ECS affects the central and peripheral nervous systems and is involved in a wide variety of our biological processes, including appetite, pain sensation, and mood. Some of the cannabinoid proteins produced in the body, including THC and CBD, are also found in medical marijuana. Supplementing the body’s natural supply of cannabinoid proteins with medical cannabis can therefore positively impact the nervous system, providing patients with relief from both the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment.

How Medical Marijuana Provides Relief from Cancer Symptoms

Although medical marijuana research remains in its early stages, studies completed so far provide strong evidence that medical marijuana is a powerful, safe medicine for those living with cancer. Medical cannabis can improve quality of life for cancer patients who need an effective pain management strategy. It can often work well for patients who do not respond well to opioids or other traditional painkillers. Research also suggests that medical cannabis can be a palliative for the chronic pain and neuropathy experienced by patients with advanced stages of cancer.

Managing Treatment Side Effects

In addition to battling the symptoms of cancer itself, patients also have to make difficult choices regarding their treatment options. While often critical in the fight against cancer, chemotherapy and radiation can both result in pain, neuropathy, nausea, sleep problems, and loss of appetite. Not only do these side effects raise the quality of life concerns, but they can lead to weight loss and weakness at a time when it’s especially critical for patients to get enough calories to keep up their strength. The ability of medical marijuana to reduce the severity of these side effects is well-documented. With the help of medical marijuana, patients can ease their minds and bodies as they undergo potentially life-saving treatment. Whether you recently received a cancer diagnosis, are currently undergoing treatment, or have been living with cancer for some time, you don’t have to suffer. Medical marijuana can help. Reach out to Lakewood Medical Clinic today to schedule a consultation and learn how medical marijuana can be part of your arsenal in the fight against cancer.