Lakewood Medical Clinic is Permanently Closed

Our Practice

Lakewood Medical Clinic is a compassionate, holistic medical practice that promotes the use of cannabis as a complement to traditional treatment. Our mission is to empower every one of our patients to feel comfortable and confident in adding medical cannabis to their treatment regime. Medical marijuana has been proven to provide relief for patients who have not experienced success with traditional medicine. It can be used responsibly and safely, yet many patients avoid cannabis for fear of judgment from those around them. Our goal is to remove that stigma and put our patients at ease. At Lakewood Medical Clinic, we treat medical cannabis like medicine. Ohio now has 22 conditions that qualify a patient for marijuana treatment, and we believe every patient should have the opportunity to consider cannabis as part of their therapeutic plan. Our objective is to first determine whether medical marijuana can alleviate a patient’s symptoms and then educate the patient on their options of administration. Lakewood Medical Clinic physicians are fully certified to recommend medical marijuana and are committed to collaborating with patients and their doctors to safely incorporate cannabis into their medications. Our staff considers existing treatment plans and the nuances of each patient’s condition in order to recommend optimal strains and dosage of cannabis, and then we coordinate with the patient’s primary care provider and any specialists to track progress. Evidence shows that medical marijuana can help patients live fuller, pain-free lives. Lakewood Medical Clinic is committed to making that vision a reality in Ohio.