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What are Medical Marijuana Tinctures?

December 3, 2019 • • Medical Marijuana
What are Medical Marijuana Tinctures

What are Medical Marijuana Tinctures?

Ohio residents can now purchase medical marijuana tinctures. Here’s what you need to know about tinctures if you’re curious about this option.  When the Ohio medical marijuana program was just getting started, the 20,000 residents legally able to buy cannabis for medicinal purposes didn’t have many options, as the dispensaries started with only dried bud available for purchase. Tincture sales were supposed to kick off in the prior year, but processors of the buds had to overcome some issues with the licensing process.  Soon, however, cannabis tinctures become available as a potential treatment option. Although more options are becoming available, many patients may not necessarily be familiar with cannabis tinctures, and may have questions about whether this is an appropriate and effective component in their treatment plans. 

What Are Medical Marijuana Tinctures?

Medical marijuana tinctures are made by dissolving dried plant buds into a high-proof alcohol solution. After a few weeks of infusion, the mixture is strained, leaving a concentrated liquid full of active medical marijuana compounds. Because tinctures are made under controlled conditions, chemists can adjust the medication to contain an exact percentage of THC or CBD, the active compounds in medical marijuana. 

How to Take Medical Marijuana Tinctures

Patients take tinctures by placing a dropper with the medication under the tongue, which allows the medication to work quickly and effectively. Medical cannabis tinctures usually take effect within 15 minutes, which is slower than vaporization but faster than edible products. Many patients prefer tinctures not only because they contain a predictable amount of active cannabis compound, but also because you can precisely control the amount of medication taken at any given time. Patients can slowly take more medication as needed, rather than consume a larger amount of medical cannabis through eating or vaping all at once. Tincture bottles are also more discreet, making them an ideal choice for patients who feel uncomfortable using a vaporizer. 

Cost of Medical Marijuana Tinctures

Patients can buy medical marijuana tinctures at a licensed dispensary with a recommendation from their doctor. Like most other forms of medical marijuana, tinctures vary in price depending on the amount of active THC and CBD compounds in the medication. Because tinctures are more concentrated than other forms of medical cannabis, they tend to be slightly more expensive. However, tinctures don’t require a vaporizer or other equipment, somewhat offsetting the cost. We also expect that the price of tinctures will decrease as medical marijuana becomes more available within the state of Ohio. 

Is a Medical Marijuana Tincture Right for Me?

Now that dispensaries are stocking the shelves with medical marijuana tinctures, patients have the option to incorporate tinctures into their treatment plan. At Lakewood Medical Clinic, we believe that tinctures can provide relief from a number of chronic conditions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a medical cannabis specialist, who can help you determine the right products and dosages for your medical needs.