Lakewood Medical Clinic is Permanently Closed

What To Expect

From the moment you step into Lakewood Medical Clinic, you can rest assured that our staff is there to guide you and support your choice to consider medical marijuana. After you schedule an appointment, your medical records will be populated into our system so we can spend your entire visit focusing on answering questions and determining how medical cannabis may benefit you. Lakewood Medical Clinic staff will present options for medical marijuana treatment based on your medical history, current condition, and most troublesome symptoms. We will help you navigate starting doses and methods of administration – whether that is inhalation, edibles, tinctures, topical creams, or combination therapy. Our staff will also help you anticipate your reaction to cannabis and prepare you for any positive or negative side effects. At the end of your visit, if we believe that medical marijuana can be helpful to you, you will receive a recommendation that you can present to an Ohio licensed dispensary. Medical Records Release Authorization Form

Follow-Up Visits

Lakewood Medical Clinic offers complimentary six-month follow-ups to patients over the phone. The six-month evaluation will include a complete assessment and additional coaching by one of our medical marijuana specialists regarding methods of administration, strains, and dosing. Patients who would like to meet with the doctor throughout the year will be charged $100 per each in-office visit. At your required annual follow-up appointment, you will review the last six months of therapy with your doctor, who can then make any necessary adjustments to your cannabis dosage and/or mode of administration before renewing your recommendation. We encourage you to log your reaction to marijuana therapy between appointments so we can accurately optimize your treatment. Your response to treatment will be documented in your electronic medical record (EMR) and – with your consent – will be shared with your other treatment providers to optimally coordinate your care.